by Sages

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This album was a therapeutic album for me, getting over a longterm relationship and vocalizing my heart ache and thoughts during the process.


released January 13, 2015

All songs Written andRecord by Racquel Hardy
Credit to. Okee, Brandon Anderson and Jimmy Webster.



all rights reserved


Sages Orangeville, Ontario

Sages's soul overflowed and spilled into sound, an untamed entity, personified and given an identity to express heart ache and wonderment

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Track Name: Guts Spilled
You were at fault
But I broke your heart
And self taught to run
You found me one block down
I always say the worst things

The best things were in bed
The closest I could get
And self taught to run
You found me one block down
I always say the worst things

It was fun to play
Till my guts spilled out, oh
Didn't know what to say
Then my guts spilled out, oh
You always were that way
Track Name: Doldrums
Hold too tightly
Crossed my chest in doubt
You wished me the luck
I fought off in the dust
I can't explain it
You're just in my sight
I keep holding on
I keep holding on

So I'll wait
Mind at stake
In the doldrums
Close too close
Track Name: Hyper Desolate
I don't want to fall asleep
I don't want you close to me
Baby, you're one to talk
Baby, you're one to talk

It's all behind
I know, Its all behind
Track Name: Leeches
I keep holding on
Wait for me while I'm gone
And I want love
I want love

I keep holding on
Wait for me while I'm gone
And I want you
I want you

Pay no mind
Leaking, stuck
Leaches pull
I'm pulling them off
Track Name: Dead Truth (1st version)
Couldn't help but wonder where you were
Shivering shaking with my guts spilled
I was raw, rough from the splinters
You weren't deep enough
And I kissed you like it was last,
thinking fast with your lips against mine
And I wished that you were the kind of guy
I see in my mind

Did you know i'd fall for you?
Dead truth
Blood oranges on your tongue
The edge of noise from someone
From you, dead truth
Did you know I'd fall for you?
Sidewalks on your teeth
The smiles when we'd meet
From you, dead truth
Track Name: Eerie
I can see the end looking at your eyes
Hold it deep within
Find you realize

oh, so eerie
Track Name: Recollection
Peeled you off
Like a layer of skin
The water that came through
Salty and true
Here I stand
I bet it bothers you
If I found a way there
If I knew every little world
I'm not sure how much further I could go
You made the heaviest thought
And you just let it go